dentist_bondingDr. Burton and his team consult with many patients about cosmetic dentistry. While we always ensure that our patients in Grand Rapids, MI have the healthiest smiles, we know that a beautiful smile can really improve your quality of life too. Because of that, we are happy to discuss dental bonding procedures with those who may benefit from this simple and reliable option. Bonding is simply the use of a tooth-colored material that is applied to any tooth to radically improve its appearance. Cured to a hard and reliable firmness, it is a good solution for patients who have chipped, cracked, or even deeply discolored teeth, and who are interested in a smile makeover or some restorative work. As part of a total Smile Makeover, bonding can be a simple and fast way to enhance the appearance of your healthy smile.

If you are curious about bonding as a solution to your dental concerns, give us a call today at 616-784-9150 or use the online contact form to get started.