Invisible Braces – Clear Correct®


Your smile is something that lets you express yourself and should appear naturally whenever you are happy, amused, or even simply relaxed. But when you are self-conscious about it, your smile may also be something that makes you feel unhappy, uncomfortable, or even unattractive. Fortunately, many modern technologies can help you repair or restore a smile and leave it healthier and more beautiful than you imagined. With a dedicated team of dental professionals, Dr. Daniel Burton, D.D.S. is committed to giving patients in Grand Rapids, MI the best and brightest smiles possible. Using only state of the art equipment, the team provides patients with advanced dental care, including Smile Makeovers, full restorations, and cosmetic treatments. With options like SNAP Instant Dental Imaging, Dr. Burton can show a patient all of the techniques that can be used, and what their “before and after” smile can look like. The treatments used to improve smiles can range from simple whitening or bonding to restore teeth to implants and orthodontics. In fact, straightening teeth can improve more than just their looks, and can help with issues like bruxism (grinding), misaligned bites, jaw issues, and more. This is why the clear braces offered by Dr. Burton and his team are such a frequently selected part of an overall dental care plan.

Understanding Clear Braces

Those who discover that teeth straightening will benefit the health and beauty of their smile learn that Clear Correct is the system approved by Dr. Burton. They are clear braces used to discreetly and reliably straighten teeth through the use of removable aligners. Unlike classic braces, they involve no wires, nothing is glued to the teeth, and they are removable at all times to ensure your teeth can be kept clean, you can floss as needed, and that you can continue to eat whatever you want. Part of the mission of Dr. Burton and his staff is to ensure that no compromises are made during dental care and to allow patients to enjoy a customized plan of treatment. Perhaps nothing is more customized than clear braces of this kind because they are made specifically to the patient’s changing needs. For example, you do not get a single set of clear braces or Clear Correct aligners. Instead, the invisible plastic tray is worn over the teeth and then a new one is made every two weeks, based on the changes that have occurred. This allows optimal alignment to occur since new trays are crafted to reflect the actual needs. Other aligners are made all at once, meaning that guesswork is used, which could be entirely wrong and cause delays, discomfort, or inaccurate results.

Are Clear Braces For You?

clear-bracesIf the idea of entirely invisible, clear braces appeals to you, it is a good idea to speak with Dr. Burton about your needs. He can discuss the options, and then do the basic evaluation to see if you qualify for the use of the Clear Correct system. Some patients may have more complex dental situations, with the need for extensive or rigorous realignment that clear braces cannot accomplish. If this is the case, Dr. Burton can discuss all of the cosmetic and corrective dental options available to you, and then construct a custom plan to help you reach your goals. When you are a candidate for clear braces, Dr. Burton will also ask you about any other goals you might have. This is to ensure that you get the results you want all at once. For instance, it is not unusual for patients to discuss other cosmetic treatments in addition to their use of clear braces. Whitening is one of the top requests, but many patients also want to hear about bonding, veneers, and even implants. Don’t let the old idea of braces, with their wires and unattractive look, keep you from having the smile you dream of. With clear braces from Dr. Burton, you can easily, discreetly, and comfortably obtain the smile of your dreams. When you are ready to discuss Clear Correct, SNAP Instant Dental Imaging experience, or a smile makeover, give us a call. We can be reached at 616-784-9150 and will gladly schedule a consultation at any time. You may also use the online form and a member of our staff will reply promptly.