Dental Crowns

dental-crownsEven if you practice perfect dental hygiene, flossing and brushing daily, getting twice annual exams and cleanings, and eating a good diet, you may still end up with a tooth (or two) that causes you pain or trouble. A tooth might weaken, decay, or break, and then require some sort of aid or restoration. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” type of restoration, and this is why Dr. Daniel Burton offers a variety of dental crowns to his many Grand Rapids, MI patients. Crowns are made to encase all that remains of a tooth once it has been repaired as needed. This could be a tooth that needed such a large filling that it has to be covered with a crown because so little of the original tissue remains. It could be that a crown is needed because a tooth has been broken and cannot be restored in any other way. It could be that a dental implant was done and now a permanent tooth (crown) is necessary. Regardless of the reason that a crown is needed, it is of the utmost importance to speak with Dr. Burton about all of your options.

Better Health

In modern dentistry, there are some truly premium products and materials. In the world of crowns, EMax and Zircon crowns are some of the strongest, most natural in appearance, and longest wearing. EMax is an all-ceramic option while the Zircon is actually derived from metal zirconium. As you might guess, that can mean that these two options are not ideal for all issues, though both appear entirely natural. You will have to work with Dr. Burton to discover which option can provide you with the solution you need.

Improving your Smile

All patients in need of crowns have a unique experience because they may come to the office for a wide array of reasons and learn that the ideal solution is the crown. Every patient will have an exam that allows the doctor to really scrutinize the tooth that needs treatment. After the issue is diagnosed, the doctor then prepares the tooth, which could mean anything from performing a root canal or installing a filling to removing an old filling and preparing the tooth for the fitting of a crown. Using advanced x-ray technologies, Dr. Burton then creates a mold of your mouth, allowing the dental lab to create a perfect substitute for the tissue that has been removed and prepared for replacement with the EMax or Zircon crown. A temporary crown is positioned over the tooth, and you will be able to use that (cautiously) for two to three weeks while the lab makes any new dental crowns. Once it has arrived, you will return to the office to have your new crown fitted. The color is checked against your natural teeth to be sure it is a good fit, and then the doctor will bond the crown to the repaired tooth. Your tooth will be cleaned and polished. Your bite will be checked for comfort and function, and your dental crown will now be a permanent part of your mouth. Remember that crowns are also a major component of dental implants. Once your surgical treatment is done and osseointegration of the implant is complete, you will need to have crowns or dentures fitted over the posts. This process would involve some of the same steps, and Dr. Burton is happy to discuss this matter with patients who are considering restoration and reconstruction of their mouths, as well.

Confidence with your Smile

Is there a time when a dental crown is not the right solution? Again, dental crowns encase the entire tooth surface, and in doing so they are great for restorations, as well as cosmetic work. They are also a common solution to damaged and decayed teeth. However, the decision to use dental crowns has to be made by Dr. Burton. Only he can gauge if that is the right solution or if something else might be a more comfortable and suitable answer. For instance, some patients discover that onlays or inlays are not a good fit for the replacement of old, amalgam fillings and that dental crowns are necessary to sustain the health of their teeth. The reverse is also true, and when a patient visits thinking they may need a crown, Dr. Burton may suggest the onlay instead. Dental crowns are a very common procedure, but with more than 30 years of experience, and thanks to the latest technologies and equipment, Dr. Burton and his team can offer truly premium crowns as the ideal dental solution. At the office of Daniel Burton DDS, we offer EMaxc and Zircon Crowns to patients seeking dental crown treatment. If you feel you need this sort of dental service, get in touch with our office at 616-784-9150 today, or use our online contact form and one of our staff will respond promptly.