Dental Implants

dental-implantsDental Implans by Dr BurtonDid you know that the loss of a permanent (adult) tooth can cause both bone and gum tissue to recede? Did you know that your teeth will also shift into new positions if even a single tooth is removed? This may not sound serious, but if your “bite” is realigned, it can cause everything from headaches and jaw problems like TMJ, to teeth grinding and the resultant decay or breakage. Additionally, the health and well being of your teeth and gums can be greatly compromised by the absence of a single tooth, but when it is multiple teeth, the condition becomes very serious. Not only can your jawbone begin to shrink and your gum tissue diminish, but your facial muscles will collapse, as well, making you look unnaturally old. As the ideal solution for a full dental restoration, dental implants are also good for those who have cosmetic dental problems. After all, some dentures and partials can rely on dental implants for stability, and this provides the benefit of preserving gum and jaw tissue while also giving you a functional and healthy smile. All of this is why Daniel Burton, D.D.S. is so happy to offer two kinds of dental implants to his many patients in Grand Rapids, MI. With the choice between Nobel Biocare’s system and 3i options, patients will be able to meet any dental problems with premium solutions.

Smile with Confidence

dental-implants-bone-structureThere are very few patients for whom dental implants are not a good solution, but it is going to be up to Dr. Burton to make that final call. This is because you have to have adequate bone structure in the jaw for the process to work, and your physical and dental health will also need to be at the right levels. After a consultation, patients will work closely with Dr. Burton and a premier oral surgeon in the Grand Rapids area to undergo the implantation procedure. This is an oral surgery, and so it will require a few days of recovery time and a restricted diet, but most patients are back to normal within just a few days of their implant procedure. Dental implants must then osseointegrate, which means they will simply integrate with the bone of the jaw. This can take up to six months for some, but as little as three for others. However, once this process is done, Dr. Burton can place your new crown or crowns. If the implant was done to secure your dentures or partials, Dr. Burton will be sure that your bite is aligned and comfortable and that your mouth is functioning normally. Effectively replacing missing teeth while strengthening the health of the jaw, dental implants are a very exciting and modern dental solution. Though they are not the appropriate answer for all dental patients, they do provide a wonderful opportunity for those who have lost one or more teeth and who want to enjoy a more functional mouth and attractive smile. At the office of Daniel Burton DDS, we offer 3I and Nobel Biocare dental implants to patients seeking implant dentistry to improve their smile. If you are interested in exploring your options for dental implants, get in touch with us today at 616-784-9150 or use our online form, and Dr. Burton will be glad to consult with you about your needs.