Porcelain Veneers

porcelain-vaneersAre you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? It is surprising just how many people hesitate to grin or become self-conscious about their smile because of their unhappiness with one or more issues relating to it. For instance, at the practice of Dr. Daniel Burton, D.D.S. we often hear patients worry about chipped, crooked, gapped, or stained teeth. Because our goal is to give our patients in the Grand Rapids, MI area the most complete array of modern dental solutions, we offer a full menu of cosmetic treatments. While many issues can be alleviated with whitening, aligners, and other cosmetic options, one of the most effective and simplest are porcelain veneers.

Improve your Smile with Veneers

Unlike a dental crown that is made to replace the top of a tooth, veneers are thin, but durable, shells bonded to the front of a tooth. Though they may initially seem like camouflage, they are a hardwearing and functional part of your smile. You can eat, drink, talk, and behave like normal with veneers, and yet they will mask or restore a long list of problems. Our patients have used porcelain veneers to address broken or chipped teeth, gapped or misaligned smiles, badly stained or discolored teeth, and even to remedy a smile in which teeth are too small or spaced unevenly.

Feel Good About your Smile

People in their late teens to adulthood are ideal candidates for veneers, and especially those who are interested in a Smile Makeover. However, it is best to make the decision to get veneers only after an exam and discussion about your dental needs and wishes with Dr. Burton. We offer two types of veneers – Empress and EMax, and though both are premium brands, the optimal choice is going to be based on your particular needs. For example, Dr. Burton may find that your particular problems are going to be best solved using the type of veneers that can be bonded rather than cemented, and which offer impressive durability and strength. The key is to know just what solutions are required and hear what the doctor recommends.

Creating Confidencebefore-after-smile

The process for getting dental veneers is very simple and straightforward. Dr. Burton will meet with you and go over all of your cosmetic options. If porcelain veneers are the right answer for you, the doctor will then have the appropriate x-rays made and impressions done to ensure that your veneers fit perfectly. You will then have to return once your custom veneers have arrived, and Dr. Burton will prepare your teeth for the bonding process. Generally, a tiny amount of enamel is removed from your tooth, and then the veneers are put into position and secured to your teeth.

The process is usually painless, but if you are concerned, a bit of anesthetic can be used to prevent even mild discomfort. You will have to pay a visit a few weeks later for a simple checkup to ensure that all is well, but porcelain veneers can allow you to walk out of the office with a flawless smile. You can then eat any foods you enjoyed before, use normal oral hygiene and cleanings, and marvel at how natural and yet how dazzlingly white and beautiful your new smile has become. If you think that veneers may be an answer to your dental problems, book a consultation with Dr. Burton. He can review all of our reconstructive and cosmetic procedures with you and begin assessing you for a Smile Makeover at that time too.

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