Preventative Dentistry

preventative-dentistryYour teeth and gums’ health is directly related to your quality of life, and though we love to help patients in Grand Rapids, MI get the most beautiful smiles, our priority is to ensure they have the healthiest smiles. Dr. Burton and his staff are committed to delivering premium care, offering gentle and personalized treatment to patients of all ages. To ensure that everyone enjoys a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, we extend a full range of preventative dentistry services. We use only the most advanced technologies and equipment, guaranteed to provide you with the widest range of preventative options. From digital and panoramic x-rays capable of capturing information standard x-rays cannot (and without the high exposure to radiation), cancer detection technologies (VELscope), and intraoral cameras, we are able to completely assess the condition of your teeth and gums. Oral exams, cleanings, and general dentistry are all part of this process. We then offer the treatments needed to address any problems or concerns. From composite fillings to gum disease remedies, you will be able to prevent and address any problems, and often in a single visit to our state of the art practice. Get started on your optimal dental health by booking an appointment. Our office number is 616-784-9150 or you may use our online contact form.