Reasons Why Your Smile Can Make You Success

Go to any TV news and you know you’ll be told business conditions are tough right now. It is for this reason that your smile is a valuable asset in the war of job relocation, closing a business deal or making new valuable contacts. When everyone around you looks as if the world is ending or frowning, presenting yourself with a confident smile can become a smart tactical move.

Like a magnet- Smiling attracts people to you.

A business deal can be very personal and is always easier when you bring a happy face and not a frown. When you smile you make your colleagues, potential clients and bosses want to join you. Others will be curious as to why you are beaming and they will want to find out. Psychologists have known that happy people are easier to work with, better able to handle stressful tasks, and more likely to be successful in life. When times are tough, your smile and attitude can be your money maker.

It lifts your mood from bad to good

In tough times a smile can stimulate happy feelings so that you actually start feeling good. Late for an appointment or after bad news, a smile can help change your mood and show others that you are resilient.

It’s a mood and party starter

Stuck in an unhappy office or boring gathering? You smile, they smile, and everybody smiles. Smiles are infectious. When you enter a room with a grin, other people are more likely to feel happy too.

You look your best even if the world is crashing around you

You’ve been on a week-long business trip. Five towns in six days. You’re tired, stressed because your plane was late, and now you have another client meeting. Smiling helps remove the stressed and tired lines from our faces. It also helps us relax so we can think and work more effectively

A great smile can keep you healthy

The smile also makes your immune system work more effectively. Doctors believe smiling relaxes us and boosts our ability to fight off illness. Look happy and keep the flu away – and your muscles moving after a long day at the office.

If You Look Younger and Feel Younger

The muscles we use to smile lift our faces, making us look younger. Appearing younger makes us feel happier, and also boosts our energy levels so that we can enjoy life more.

It is certainly not a bad thing to Smile

Your boss spills a coffee down their front before an important meeting. Time to smile? It all depends on their personality type. If they know you are smiling with them, not at them, they will feel better. Your smile can make them relax and get ready for the next situation, and it can reassure them that coffee spills are not the end of the world.
A great smile is a wonderful thing. Selectively smiling to make those around you feel more comfortable is smart business sense. We earn both our smiles and our frowns. So when being happy just doesn’t make sense, don’t be afraid to pull the face you feel. There will be plenty of time to find the bright side again.