Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

zoom-teeth-whiteningThere are so many reasons that our teeth become discolored, and whether it is due to time, food, or habits like smoking, we might begin hiding our smiles because we are so upset by the looks of our teeth. Fortunately, there is now the option for teeth whitening, and for patients in the Grand Rapids, MI area, Dr. Daniel Burton, D.D.S. makes one of the most effective systems for teeth whitening available. Known as ZOOM! Teeth Whitening, it relies on blue light technology that interacts with a special gel and can lighten the teeth by many shades in a single setting.

Feel Good About Your Smile

Though you can easily find many over the counter remedies for discolored teeth, these rarely provide the kind of results that professional-grade products can, and since it is the top esthetic concern of many dental patients, it is best to work directly with Dr. Burton to get the results you truly desire. Because our teeth actually discolor from both the exterior enamel and the inside of the tooth, it is important to consult with a professional like Dr. Burton to understand the right teeth whitening solution for your specific needs. For example, he has treated patients who had discolored teeth from childhood use of antibiotics. He has also provided teeth whitening to patients who were heavy smokers and who wanted to undo the unattractive damages that their unhealthy habit had caused. These patients would need different treatments to whiten their teeth, and only a dental expert would have been able to help them make the ideal decisions.

Smile with Confidence

For patients who qualify as good candidates for ZOOM! Teeth Whitening, the process is remarkably simple. You consult with the doctor about your goals, and he does an exam to determine why your teeth have become discolored. If it is the enamel that is the problem, you will then receive your ZOOM! Teeth Whitening treatment. A whitening gel of 15% hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth (your gums are protected from this material), and then the light is directed on the teeth. The process will last roughly one hour, and some patients have measurable teeth whitening of up to fourteen shades brighter.

teeth-whiteningHowever, not all patients experience such results, and several sessions may be required for you to obtain the whitest smile possible. After your treatment, you may feel a bit of sensitivity, but it will usually fade within a few days. You will also want to avoid any activities that might stain the teeth in the days after the treatment is first done. Drinking dark beverages, smoking, or eating certain foods should be avoided until any sensitivity is gone and a few days have passed.

However, the process is not meant to be permanent, and you may find that you will have to book an annual visit or return every few years to get your teeth whitening refreshed and revived. We are always concerned with patient comfort and results, and this is another reason why we trust the ZOOM! product. It has received American Dental Association approval and has even been ranked as one of the most effective, long-lasting and safe options available.

If you are interested in exploring teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures, give Dr. Burton’s office a call today at 616-784-9150 or use our online form. If teeth whitening is not an option, we have veneers, inlays and onlays, and other treatments that can help you improve your smile.