TMJ & Patient Comfort

Many people hear the term “TMJ” and understand that it has something to do with jaw pain, but temporomandibular joint disorder, which is actually “TMD”, is more than just pain. It is an actual, physical problem that causes stiffness in the jaw, unusual sounds when using the jaw, pain when chewing or talking, and it can lead to a list of subsequent issues. These include migraine headache, stiffness in the neck, a misaligned bite, uneven tooth wear, and teeth grinding, among other issues. Fortunately, Dr. Daniel Burton, D.D.S. has a long history of helping patients who suffer from this painful TMJ/TMD condition. With his 30+ years of experience in treating dental conditions, he can accurately diagnose and develop a customized plan for any patient struggling with TMJ/TMD.

tmj-patient-comfortGetting Started

Through the Grand Rapids Headache Center, Dr. Burton meets with patients in order to diagnose and develop the appropriate treatment for their pain. He uses a specialized system to evaluate patients suspected of having TMJ/TMD, but who also complain of headaches and migraines. After all, the radiating pain caused by TMD can often manifest as chronic headache and can be remedied through a proven system of non-invasive treatment.

How is it done?

Dr. Burton relies on a proven system of therapeutic procedures that begin with a very detailed analysis of the patient’s head, neck and oral system. Bite force, range of motion, and a muscle exam must be done using a specialized, state-of-the-art scanning unit.

A full history of your pain is also done in order to identify any symptoms relating to the TMJ/TMD conditions. Trigger points are identified in order to facilitate your therapy and develop an ideal custom plan for care, and a history of your head area is done to uncover any overlooked trauma or injuries that might also be involved in the pain. Once the assessment is done, Dr. Burton will understand exactly how to treat the condition with the devices and equipment available.

His system involves high-tech applications that include specialized ultrasound units, trigger point therapies, low-level laser treatments, and electro current therapies. If you are tired of suffering from constant TMJ/TMD, jaw, neck, or headache pain, it is time to take control. Dr. Burton and the Grand Rapids Headache Center are a rare opportunity to use innovative therapies to overcome this pain.

Get in touch with Dr. Burton today at 616-784-9150, or use the online contact form, to get started on your customized treatment plan.