Video Digital Imaging

video-imaging-dentistOne of the simplest, most effective ways to improve your image and self confidence is to have a bright, healthy and attractive smile. You’ll feel great knowing that every “first impression” you make is the very best it can be.

Let Dr. Burton evaluate your specific needs and custom design a plan to help you achieve your goal. His expert eye leaves no feature unconsidered. He observes the shape, color, texture and position of your teeth in relation to the shape of your face, your skin color, your lip position and how your natural smile looks. Along with his diagnostic evaluation and instant dental imaging, Dr. Burton can also show you a preview of how your future smile will look, and he always discusses your preferences before fitting you with your perfect smile.

So how does digital imaging work? With digital camera technology, we’ll capture an image of your before smile, then move, adjust, whiten and reshape the teeth to create a customized after image. You’ll see a picture of yourself with a whiter, straighter smile before any work or teeth whitening has even begun.

See your after smile before your procedure.