What are patients saying about Dr. Burton?

We think Dr. Burton is pretty great, but what are his patients saying about the service they’ve received? Check out a few of the recent reviews they’ve given:

"I enjoy the employees, hygienists, and dentist. Nice atmosphere. Easy access off the expressway. Overall, a very comfortable, friendly, office. I feel like I’m getting top notch dental care."

Todd F.

"Great service as always, clean environment and excellent staff."

Rick N.

"The staff was very welcoming. Service was excellent. Everyone makes the experience as pleasant as possible. I feel in geat hands with Dr. Burton and staff."

Karen S.

"I was extremely comfortable under the care of Daniel J. Burton DDS team. So thankful that I found a dentist that cared so much for my dental health!"

Elizabeth W.

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Additional Patient Reviews

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review For years I was embarrassed by the appearance of my teeth. My teeth had been discolored by taking antibiotics as a child. I had tried all sorts of whitening products to no avail, then I was referred to Dr. Burton. With all of the technology the office has, I was able to envision what I considered a perfect smile. The entire process was relatively easy and the results are subtle but fantastic! People now come up to me and say “There is something different about you but I can’t put a finger on it.” Maybe it’s the fact that my smile is bigger and brighter thanks to the work of Dr. Burton and his staff. Catherine

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review I was always embarrassed of my smile. I covered my mouth to smile or laugh. Dr. Burton and his staff created a smile I thought only existed on the cover of magazines. No longer do people see my hand, but my new smile that I love. Thanks to Dr. Burton for giving me a beautiful smile and giving me more self confidence! Holly

5 Star Dental Affiliate ReviewThis spring when I received a new smile, I got a whole new appreciation for the work Dr. Burton and his staff do. Dr. Burton is as much a photographer and artist as he is a dentist. He takes advantage of the latest in technology, and getting cosmetic dental services was a comfortable experience. The entire staff is a group of friendly, genuine people who greet you by name. -Vic

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review I never really minded my smile. I had chipped my front teeth as a teenager and had them temporarily repaired twice. This time we decided to really go for it. I run my own business and realize the importance of looking the best that I can. That starts with a smile. It was very important to me that they look natural… like my own teeth. Dr. Burton was awesome. The process went pretty quickly and I love the outcome. – Jeremy

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review For years I had to manipulate my smile to look right for photos. I had to bleach them, half smile… anything I could do to cover up what I hated the most. My teeth, straight on, looked good, but from the side they looked very square… almost as if they should be carved out on a pumpkin. And when I did TV it showed everything. Now with Dr. Burton’s help I have a PERFECT smile!!! Any angle, in print or a close up on TV, I LOVE MY SMILE! Thank you Dr. Burton for changing my smile and changing my life. -Nanette

5 Star Dental Affiliate Review Getting my teeth fixed was always a desire for me, but I never wanted to get it done through the old method. When I heard about lumineers, I was open to the idea and after having the procedure done I would recommend them to anyone who would like that perfect smile. It’s easy, painless, and you only have to sacrifice a little bit of your time. I have always been self conscious of my smile but the lumineers gave me the self-confidence I needed to smile all the time. – Lori